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Первая встреча состоялясь с художницей Yumiko Ono 12-го сентября в пространстве Артефакт (Москва)

Yumiko Ono

Born in Kobe, Japan.
After her BA study in Japan, MA study in Czech Republic as well as Russia. she has also lived and worked in the Central Europe, Russia and Middle East. Currently she works mainly in Japan and the USA. (c)

Yumiko Ono is interested in form and formats. Repetition and reproduction are often seen in her work, which ranges from drawings to sculptures to videos to sound installations. Her aim is to interpret the subjects that she finds, and give them a new order through her point of view, which usually results in laconic expressions. She is currently experimenting with minimalistic geometric forms, particularly those related to the field of architecture. (c)